Products 2011 range

The Ramburi product philosophy is based on the mythical Thai wonderland called Ramburi, a place famous for its emphasis on beauty as a civilizing influence, a place where beauty is as equally important as a healthiness of mind and a spirit of eternal youth. Download our product list

In Ramburi we use only the purest Asian ingredients and with the timeless oriental art of blending and harmonisation, we have nurtured dozens of unique and effective products along with their rituals of use.

Ramburi’s unique spa products honour Asian Beauty Secrets and the age old recipes of traditional Asian healers.

All Ramburi’s spa products contain only natural aromatherapy essences which deliver lasting aroma’s and beneficial effects when used during spa treatments or at home.

Our philosophy is to deliver good value natural spa products which support your clients experience of your spa services. The professional range is backed up by Ramburi’s comprehensive but uncomplicated range of retail spa products which will help you build spa retail sales.

Ramburi spa products support all your professional spa product needs whether you are a day spa, foot spa or destination spa.

We believe in using beneficial and proven natural plants and essences to deliver products that will provide benefits to your spa clientelle. Benefits they will notice.


The 2011 Collection consists of :

Facial Range

Body Range

Body Scrub

Foot Range


Massage Oils

Herbal Range